Know Your Visitors & DIY Options for Car Buyers

Busy Dealership / Dealership Closed – What to do now? You are at an automotive dealership and one of three things could be possible: 1) You are there when everyone is busy, so you need to do things yourself. No one to entertain you. 2) You reached after hours (i.e. on Sunday or may be late evening) when dealership is closed. They have QR code on the door. 3) No matter when you reach there, Dealership wants you to start on your own at the reception. You have to scan QR code from their iPad or somewhere in the reception.

Demo – Please scan this QR code in your mobile phone (you can use camera app).  You can do everything what you would usually do at the dealership.
You liked/selected a car in a parking lot – What to do now?
Assume you are at the dealership and you are in their parking lot with or without a salesperson and you liked this car. You might have finished test driving before. May be, you wanted to verify this car indeed exists at the dealership.

Demo – Assume you  are interested in this vehicle.  Now, please scan this QR code in your mobile phone (you can use camera app). We support pre-sales and post-sales actions for a given car.