What is AutoDealCloser?

AutoDealCloser provides an AI based patented technology for car dealers to sell one car or all cars in their price. At the same time, their buyers get innovative experience. We help dealers price cars correctly and help their buyers make a deal anytime, anywhere & automatically.

"QR Codes" for a dealership and for all their cars is one of our ways to attract car buyers anytime.

Inquiries for a demo, partnership & investment are welcome. We need to streamline/focus on 1-2 things. We also have needs for part time executives/ cofounders/ salespersons.

Who we are NOT?

You've other departments (Marketing, Sales, Service) working for you. We generate leads from your existing dealership traffic who won't share their information otherwise. We do not market to bring additional traffic.

Instead, show yourself different than your competition. Advertise so additional tech savvy buyers OR do-it-yourself buyers OR buyers who are avoiding dealerships show up.

QR Codes for a Dealership & Cars

With our QR codes on each car and at a dealership door(or at reception), your buyers can walk in anytime at your dealership and do everything themselves without needing to see a salesperson.

At the entrance door or at a reception, you can show a QR code for the dealership so buyers get busy and can ask for a sales person if they want. Buyers see all your inventory too.

We also give you a QR code (vinyl front adhesvie sticker) for each of your car. Buyers scan it from the parking lot and can finalize a deal after checking a car report, payment terms and all. They bring a final voucher for the remaining formalities.

Buyers have to check in first so you will know who came in, at what time and what car they showed interests in.

Demo - QR Codes For Cars/Dealership

How It Works?

I am a Seller:

  • 1

    Give Us Your Inventory: Give us your inventory of cars with your sales price/ asking price (range if you wish).

  • 2

    Receive QR Codes/Stickers: Engage your buyers online or in-dealerships (24x7!).

  • 3

    Get Leads: Also let buyers reach out to you when they want.

I am a Buyer:

  • 1

    Search: Locate your car or visit dealership when you want.

  • 2

    Scan QR Code: From a car or dealership reception/door. Check car details, history report, rebates, finance/ lease/ cash offers & engage sales person as needed.

  • 3

    Talk to a salesperson after you finalized a deal. Hand-off a voucher. Save time.

Pricing Plans

Something for Everyone

With 100 cars on your lot, we are expecting 60+ leads over a month depending on how you operate. You may be selling to 6 of them based on your efforts. This is one time expense and you can keep using it until your car is sold.

Free Plan - You get to create your own QR codes for your cars/dealerships where you want your customers to go after scranning. We email all QR codes to you.

$5/QR Code (Basic Plan) - In this plan, we will send you front adhesive stickers for your cars & a dealership. We generate and share leads with you. Your own website/VDP gets displayed after scanning. Get this for free for 2 months.

$20/QR Code (Standard Plan) - In this plan:

  • We will send you front adhesive stickers for your cars & a dealership
  • We will also share leads with you.
  • No change is needed in your website and we will forward your buyers to our own website which shows your inventory/ cars.
  • We will also give your buyers a car level history report (Bumper or similar).
  • We will finish all front end sales automation before engaging your salesperson. In some sense, we will provide you our Digital Retailing solution where a buyer can finalize a deal based on your sales price.
  • Also, we will push your inventory in our Marketplace and show your cars to our visitors. You get free marketing & additional leads for your inventory.

  • As a valuable customer, you get to choose from free two months or 100 free QR codes/stickers.